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    TrustedTicketServiceImpl - Invalid request host

    Cristian Vlad



      I'm having a problem with trusted authentication.

      I first configured web server's name in the wgserver.trusted_hosts list and restarted Tableau server.

      The trusted authentication did not work, and the log file logs\vizqlserver\vizql-0.log reported TrustedTicketServiceImpl - Invalid request host: X, where X was tableau server's gateway.


      After adding the address X into the wgserver.trusted_hosts list and restarting Tableau server again, the trusted authentication started working for the connections from local PCs... For connections made from the Internet, Tableau Server keeps returning a ticket value of -1...


      However, this time the files logs\vizqlserver\vizql-0.log and logs\vizqlserver\vizql-1.log do not report the Invalid request host: X error.


      If anybody can provide me help on this, thank you in advance,