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    Dynamic filter with two parameters

    joe sparty



      I'm using 2 parameters on a dashboard for 2 different data sources and it is working nicely.  Is it possible to modify the second parameter to only show relevant values?


      The first parameter is To, based on the selection only show relevant values for the 2nd parameter From.


      To: Oklahoma City

      From:  Only show the following:

      Atlanta, GA
      Baltimore, MD
      Chicago, IL
      Cleveland, OH
      Dallas, TX
      Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
      Denver, CO
      Detroit, MI
      Houston, TX
      Las Vegas, NV
      Los Angeles, CA
      Minneapolis, MN
      Nashville, TN
      Newark, NJ
      Phoenix, AZ
      Salt Lake City, UT
      San Francisco, CA
      St. Louis, MO
      Tulsa, OK
      Washington, DC