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    Tableau Server Client Side Rendering

    Darin Coulter

      I'm having some issues with my tool tips on dashboards wrapping and being cut-off by Google Chrome. 


      I don't have the same issue at all with Internet Explorer (IE8).  However, most internal consumers have Chrome as their default browser.


      I attached an image of the tooltip from Chrome and one from IE8 that performs as expected.


      There's an unanswered thread here: Re: Blurring Issue of Dashboards on Web Browser and Rick Kunkel (thanks Rick) provided a link to Tableau's client side rendering: About Client-Side Rendering


      I've tested the ?:render=false and that fixes the issue for this dashboard in Chrome.  I also tested complexity threshholds and ?:render=13 is the largest value I can use and still get the desired tooltip with all 3 links and no wrapping.


      I'm not entirely certain what this means - but I'm interpreting this as a minimally complex view and should be handled/rendered by the client and not the server.  But - I'm looking for some help if anyone can offer it...








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          Hey Darin,


          First an explanation: Tableau Server renders certain items on the server, and to reduce stress, other items by the browser (client-side). I.e. Chrome is responsible for rendering certain items in a view while the server renders others. The link you posted discusses how to turn-off client side rendering and the effects. According to the article server-side rendering occurs for:


          • Polygons, custom shapes, and the page history feature: If a view uses polygons, custom shapes, or the page history feature, server-side rendering is performed, even if client-side rendering is otherwise enabled.


          Especially less complex views will be rendered mostly by the browser.


          By using the URL parameter, you are turning off client-side rendering which is forcing the entire view to be rendered by the server. This can sometimes take longer and can have an exponential affect if being loaded many times by many different users. However, many users use server-side rendering without issue.


          Now for the issue: each browser has its own way of rendering certain fonts, shapes, etc. What you're seeing is Chrome's interpretation of the view. In general, Tableau tries to make everything work exactly the same on all browsers (and usually it does) but there are sometimes unavoidable tweaks that occur to browsers that change how they render Tableau visualizations (and even just different websites).


          Internet Explorer 8 does not allow for client-side rendering therefore everything you see if being rendered by the server which is why there is no issue.


          I hope this explanation helps!



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            Darin Coulter

            Thank you Diego - I appreciate the explanation of rendering and how it can be an issue with Chrome.  After reading your response it seems as if there is only an all or nothing solution.


            There's no way, other than forcing a specific URL where possible, to fix this 1 dashboard that is displaying the issue.  I can't change anything regarding that 1 dashboard that will for it, and only it, always be rendered by the Server.  If someone navigates to that view on their own without using a pre-defined URL - then it's still an issue.


            I would have to enable that at the server level and therefore all publications to Tableau Server would be rendered by the server.


            So - either folks use IE8 or I play around with the tooltip and see if customizing it a bit, removing junk I don't need maybe helps the rendering process.  I don't think I want to try to get folks off of Chrome, and I don't think the global server setting is necessary. I can maybe use 'select' actions instead of menu actions in some cases.


            Thank you again for the explanation.



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              Hey Darin,


              Have you considered giving out the URL with  the?:render=false URL parameter already in the link? Even just an email blast saying it may look off if they don't use that specific link could help.

              Also, I should clarify that the error could occur with any modern browser (including any Internet Explorer version after 8.0).


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                Darin Coulter

                Yeah - I've considered that - and most of the time the links to specific dashboards are provided via corporate intranet and the render parameter can be passed there.


                However - some folks navigate the server interface on their own - and it's an easy enough education but I was hoping there might have been a solution that for a specific dashboard only, I could specify the rendering mechanism.


                It makes sense - it just requires a workaround.


                I appreciate your time.



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                  Happy to help Darin!


                  You could also post a note to the view as well!

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                    Travis Pendleton

                    So ?:render=false definitely works, is there anyway to force that in the URL?  I am in a position where they will enter via the normal URL and I cannot change it.

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                      Douglas Carter

                      Hi Travis!


                      You could set it using Tableau Server Tabadmin set command.


                      tabadmin set vizqlserver.browser.render false will turn it off.


                      we discuss it at http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#browser_rendering.htm

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                        Justin D'Cruze

                        Since whether client vs server rendering is used is based on a Threshold Calculation.....one thing you could try in order to force a specific dashboard to render server-side is to including a hidden sheet, so that the total marks on the dashboard is greater than 5000 (approx).


                        I.e. create a sheet with more than 5000 marks, add it into dashboard with the size set to 1x1 to hide it, and in theory the dash should now render server side.

                        Keep in mind though, there's likely to be a performance hit when doing this.


                        Edit: I was just reading Diego's post, it would probably be less of a performance impact to just add a Polygons/custom shape/page history to the hidden sheet (instead of 5000 odd marks)

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                          Kanan Shah

                          Does it also apply to IE10? Is client-side rendering also off for IE10? Thanks.

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                            Laura Record

                            Kanan, client-side rendering is supported in IE 9.0 and higher.