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    Does SSL affect performance?

    Toby Erkson

      Has anyone switched to a SSL connection for their Tableau Server communications and experienced a performance loss?  Was it significant or not?


      I'm not sure what I mean by "performance loss" so maybe actions on the Server like initial authentication, workbook/view selection and visualization, moving between views in a workbook on the Server, etc.

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          Jeff Strauss

          We have SSL, though it terminates at the load balancer and is not configured within the Tableau setup.  With this config, we haven't seen any material performance degradation.  There is slight extra processing for encrypting / decrypting.

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            Paul Banoub

            We have SSL set in the Server config. We did run the server without SSL initially and haven't noticed any performance hit, that we can attribute to SSL anyway.

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              Zach Yuzer

              It does add some overhead for the SSL handshake, but it should be negligible and should not be noticed in Tableau Server views or UI, The more complexity (number of bits) you used in the SSL certificate determines how intensive the handshake is on the server.

              Jeffrey's solution involving termination on the Load Balancer is a common solution with application servers and even though it still has to handshake ssl with the browsers, it isn't directly on the Tableau Server providing *juuuuust* that much more CPU to Tableau Server.