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    TDT: Data Blending - Left Join or not? - presented March 26, 2015

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      Zen Master, Jonathan Drummey  presented examples from his Extreme Data Blending Session at the 2014 Tableau Customer Conference and showed off a few tricks with available in the upcoming Tableau 9.0 release. 

      Tableau's data blending is often described as a left join, and that's a useful simplification that can break down when faced with real life data. Jonathan will use examples drawn from his Extreme Data Blending session at the 2014 Tableau Conference to review how data blending works, how it diverges from the behavior of a left join, and how to take advantage of the differences. The second half of the TDT will be devoted to Q&A on use cases, so bring your questions!

      Jonathan Drummey is a frequent contributor to the Tableau forums, blogger at http://drawingwithnumbers.artisart.org, and one of the Tableau Zen Masters. When not solving complicated Tableau problems, he's a data analyst for quality and patient safety at Southern Maine Health Care as well as co-chauffeur & cheerleader for an aspiring seven year-old gymnast.

      You won't want to miss this session. 

      Register here today and you will receive a reminder notification on the morning of March 26th.


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