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    SQL server impersonate for a group members instead of individual account

    Jayesh Patel

      Currently Tableau supports Impersonate via server Run As account  on MS SQL server-- However each time client need to grant permission on a SQL server individually.


      It could be better if group impersonation is possible on Tableau and SQL server both.  This is something not expected in Tableau 9.0.


      We are using AD authentication for the Projects and Projects assigned groups permission for Viewers, Publishers and Project Leaders.

      One of  our customer has SQL server/database that they like to have impersonate their clients for one of these groups.


      I have open a ticket for this with Tableau support and they advice to post here on community forum and post on ideas for counting votes how many people are interested to implement this feature.



      Please advice as appropriate if there is solution or alternative?


      Thank you,