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    Permissions:  Include 'All Users' along with Groups/Individuals?

    Toby Erkson

      First, let me say that of all of the great things that Tableau makes simple, it is Permissions that I find the most confusing


      Okay, for many of our Projects we have permissions set up so there is the Group permissions*, individual permissions if necessary, and then All Users:

      All Users typically allows others to View the report, maybe View Summary Data, but that's about it.


      Okay, my questions:

      1. If a user is Allowed something in their Group permissions (e.g. Detroit Diesel Supplier Management) but Denied in the All Users permissions, does that mean their final permission is Deny?

      2.  If All Users is not included in the Project Permissions, does that mean if a user doesn't fall into any of the set Project permissions (either individually called out or from within a Group), they are Denied or do they default to the permissions set by the Default Project?





      *The Group it titled like the Project title to make is fast-n-easy for authors when publishing.