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    TABCMD allows to publish datasource with embedded credentials (even though when that option is denied on the server)

    Americo Guazzelli

      Hi folks,


      Did anyone face the situation below?


      We have a Tableau Server, which the server adm did not allow the "Embedded Credentials".

      It works. When I use Tableau Desktop ou TABCMD, I can't publish the datasource with the credentials embedded.

      But if I save the datasource (.tds), then edit the datasource XML to add the password parameter, I can publish it thougth TABCMD with the embedded credentials.


      <connection .... username='xxx' password='xxxx' workgroup-auth-mode='prompt'>


      tabcmd.exe publish "test.tds" -n "test" --db-username "xxxxx" --db-password "xxxx"