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    How to Publish Aggregated Refreshable TDE using existing Published TDE?

    Sam Lachterman

      We are running into challenges with the following use case:


      1. We have an existing TDE which has been published to Tableau Server (this TDE has an atomic grain), and is refreshable.
      2. We would like to create an aggregated TDE, using the existing atomic TDE as the base data set, and publish this to Server as a separate, refreshable published data source. The goal is to increase the performance of a workbook that has already been built.


      We are attempting to accomplish this with the following workflow:


      1. Open the existing workbook in Desktop that uses the published atomic TDE as its data source. This allows us to keep all the calculations and metadata from the existing workbook.
      2. Hide the dimensions that we want to exclude
      3. Create an extract by right-clicking on the data source, with the appropriate extract filters and with Aggregate data for visible dimensions selected
      4. There is a prompt in Desktop to save the TDE to a location on the file system.
      5. After the extract builds, the data source switches to the extract (double cylinder icon with the arrow) in this workbook


      At this point, when right-clicking on the data source there is no option to publish this data source. There is an option to create a local copy, however, when this is done the entire atomic TDE is downloaded from the Server, not the aggregated one that was just created.


      Another approach: double-click on the TDE that we saved to the file system. This then uses a naked TDE (single cylinder icon), which can be published to Server. However, importantly, this is not refreshable and becomes a static TDE when published.


      We've also tried a subsequent step after 5 of saving the data source as a TDS. However, this doesn't change the behavior: Desktop appears to still consider this to be an already-published data source and there is no option to publish to server (only to create a local copy).


      Another wrinkle: we can publish the workbook but, based on the file size, that appears to be embedding the entire aggregated TDE.


      How can we accomplish the goal of publishing the aggregated TDE to Server? We would like to develop several workbooks that use this source and don't want to publish each as a packaged workbook. Any help is appreciated.