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    Trying to create a filter across multiple variables

    Jennifer Cohen

      I should preface this by saying that I'm new to this software and trying to make sure it will meet my needs for a specific project.


      I am trying to create a drill-down query for a client, and it has rows of data - one row for each clinical trial.


      There are various products in each clinical trial, so the data is set up with a column for each product - there are 9 columns total - and then each row has a 0/1 flag to indicate whether that product is included in the clinical trial.  Each row may have multiple products in the trial flagged as 1.


      I was to create a filter that shows the 9 products (so 9 check boxes) and allows the client to check off which product(s) they want to pull up.  I want it to work like an OR, not an independent filter, so if they selected Product A and Product B, they would see any rows where Product A OR Product B = 1.


      This applies to other measures too - like trial sponsor, etc...  If I were to do this in Excel with VBA, I would create a multi-select listbox and then do some sort of index/match looping through each column to find the ones meeting the criteria.


      Is there a relatively easy way to do this in Tableau??