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    Dual axis bar chart to calculate churn

    Artem Adamov

      Hello All,


      I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me convert the attached viz into a dual axis bar chart (similar to the screenshot below) to show (1) total unique codes, (2) how many drop off in each stage, (3) how many continue to the next stage, from the total count of unique codes (2647).

      1. Example. Out of 2647 of unique codes in Stage 1, 1172 (44%) only showed up in stage 1 and 1475 (56%) continued to stage 2. Out of 1475 in stage 2, 945 (64%) only showed up in stage 2 and 530 (36%) continued to stage 3. Etc…


      Thank you in advance!

      Distinct Sums.PNG