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    Review/Recover Excluded Values

    Jason West

      I have a data set I have to review each week before presenting YOY sales performance by week.  Occasionally, I'll have one or more divisions that haven't reported all of their sales yet and so I can't include their numbers in the final or it might make sales look artificially down. I think the easiest way to get rid of the incomplete/bad data is to right-click exclude on the bad value.  The problem I have is that next week I need to review those specific divisions sales numbers for the week to see if they've been updated or should still be excluded.  Some will still stay out and some will come back in. 

      What I would like to do is have a separate tab that just shows all of my excluded values where I could then choose to insert them back into my data.  I want to avoid having to delete the Exclusions pill and starting from scratch each week since that means I have to review the entire data set which will continue to grow throughout the year and I won't have a record of what I've removed previously.

      I tried converting the Exclusions pill to an In/Out but I can only filter on the In values.  I haven't found a way to show the Out values.  I tried creating a set on one of the bad values and the workflow for that is ideal but I don't see a way to easily add additional data to that set. 


      Anyone have any workarounds?  Or am I missing a setting that allows me to show the 0 or NULL In/Out values from the exclude?  I pulled the In/Out pill into my rows and all the records have a 1 so it seems logical that my other records should have a NULL or 0. 


      Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out.