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    Fast on Desktop, Slow on Server (8.3.3)

    Robert Sinclair

      I have a worksheet that loads quickly in Tableau Desktop (about 4 seconds), but when it's published to server takes 8 minutes to load/render.


      The workbook uses a data extract and the extract takes less than a minute to generate.


      All other worksheets in the workbook load quickly when accessed on the server, it is just this one that is giving me fits. Here is what I have tried so far:


      1. Deleted and recreated Extracts.]

      2. Optimize Extracts

      3. Indexed the SQL tables being hit

      4. The tables being used in the worksheet are joined on one field - Table 1 key-xyz (unique) to Table 2 key-xyz.  I have tried using both and inner join and left join, with no impact on server performance.

      5. when I " Convert to Custom SQL" under data source and run the sql statements within MS SQL Server it runs in 4 seconds.


      If the problem was with the underlying queries, one would expect slow performance within both platforms, but that's not the case.  The fact that it loads quickly in desktop and excessively slow on server leaves me scratching my head.  Other workbooks published to this server run as they should, with no issues - this seems to be a unique problem isolated to the table, however nothing is wrong with table; its very simple, only six fields.


      I cannot find any clues in looking at the log files on Tableau Server.  There is something in the way that this one table is being handled by Server, but I can't figure out what it might be.



      Any and all ideas are appreciated.


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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Robert,


          Is there a chance that you're using

          data blending on your dashboard?


          If so, please read this insightfull comments

          by Jonathan Drummey on blending performance:


          Re: Low performance in Data blending


          Hope it may help.




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            Robert Sinclair

            No, not using Data blending.


            Moreover, as I have continued to try and isolate the issue, I have removed all other joined tables from the equation. So, now I have only one six field table, which works as expected from within desktop and I am able to work with the same table from within SQL Server without issue.  However, when I publish the worksheet to server, it take as much as 8 minutes to render the page, but it does eventually render the page without triggering an error of some sort.


            It is comprised of two pills on the row shelf and one in the "Text" container.


            Any other Ideas?


            Slow sc_comments.jpg

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              vikram bandarupalli

              Hi Robert,


              Does the workbook has an excel based extract? The reason i ask is, i encountered an issue few months ago, while trying to create a excel extract based workbook on desktop which takes about few seconds to open but when published to server takes about few minutes or so. I was able to identify the issue.


              - If no text/excel sources are involved, i'd check the connectivity between the tableau server and the database server.

              - Any network issues between the source and server?


              Could you post the what kind of Datasource used in the workbook?



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                Yuriy Fal

                The obvious next step is

                to record performance

                Of this dashboard

                on the server.


                Find the bottleneck.

                Compare to desktop.




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                  Robert Sinclair

                  No excel/text extract component.  the datasource is a single table in MS SQL database and I tried using a live connection and an extract - neither improved the situation.

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                    Sankarmagesh Rajan

                    Hi Robert,


                    Can you please tel me how many sheets you have used in dashboard and when you extracted data, did u hide all unused icons.Please upload workbook.




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                      Toby Erkson

                      Robert Sinclair, if you make no traction here you may want to move this to the Server Administration forum because this really is more of a Server problem than Desktop.

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                        Robert Sinclair

                        Here is a link to a screencast video that walks thought the problem I am having:


                        Tableau Problem - ROSinclair's library

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                          Yuriy Fal

                          Hi Rob,


                          It looks like your Tableau Server

                          is having difficulty when connecting

                          to your MS SQL Server. Reasons are:


                          -- Tableau Server machine is "far" from SQL Server machine.

                          By "far" I mean network topology distance and permissions.

                          Please check your network admin to figure out.


                          -- There should be latest compatible version

                          of ODBC drivers for your version of MS SQL Server

                          installed on the Tableau Server machine. Those ones

                          referenced on the Tableau "Drivers & Activation" webpage

                          should work smoothly.

                          I had anecdotal case when a customer of mine

                          installed the proper drivers on their desktops,

                          but failed to do the same on their servers :-)

                          The behaviour was very similar to yours.




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                            Yuriy Fal

                            And last but not least:


                            What is the hardware configuration

                            of your Tableau Server instance?

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                              Russell Christopher

                              Hey Robert -


                              From what I can see, no one suggested running a Performance Recorder report against this sucker to get some hard, cold performande data. You should do that. Use these help topics to do so:


                              Create a Performance Recording


                              I'd suggest that you run this process right after stopping/restarting Tableau server to make sure nothing is in cache - this could skew results. You could also manually kill the vizqlserver processes running on the machine first (they will immediately re-spawn, but without any cache).


                              The first thing that comes to mind is the number of rows you're rendering - realistically, no human being is going to read / browse 60K+ rows of data, so this viz isn't overly useful unless you're doing something that Tableau isn't really made to (act as a data-dumping mechanism).


                              In your shoes, I'd try the following to narrow down the issue:


                              • Add a filter to so that only a couple hundred rows are returned. How fast is Server now (it'll generally never be as fast as Desktop because of of all the Web Server "stuff" on top of the rendering process)
                              • Run the same report under Desktop and make a Performance Recorder report there to (again, make sure you don't run the report on it's own BEFORE you turn the performance recorder on and execute the viz - you'll skew your results and make it look faster than it is).


                              What sort of hardware is this server running? What about the machine on which Desktop is running?

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                                Robert Sinclair

                                Russell -


                                Thanks for your suggestions.  At the request of Tableau Support, I did make a performance recording and forwarded it to them.  Looking at the visual it created, I did not notice anything out of the usual.


                                In order to isolate the problem, I created a worksheet using this one table with 60K records.  In my operational use of the table the records are filtered by a dashboard action filter that displays typically less than 100 rows.  I am convinced that this problem has nothing to do with the number of records in the table, because I can reproduce the error in tables that are smaller in size.  The common factor, as I mentioned earlier, is the use of multi-word fields (i.e. sentences and paragraphs). 


                                Using a table of 60K rows, without a field of that type loads in seconds (desktop and server).  With a multi-word field included, it loads in seconds on desktop, but takes 8 minutes on Server.




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                                  Robert Sinclair

                                  Yuri -


                                  Thanks for the additional suggestions.  I am using the latest drivers and my distance from SQL Server is not an issue (a couple offices away on the same floor.  Moreover, this problem has been isolated to tables that have fields that contain multi-word inputs (i.e. sentences and paragraphs).  All other visuals on Server are working well - I don't believe this would be the case if it were network or driver related.




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                                    Vikram, what was your solution?  I think I'm having the exact issue you're having.

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