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    Tableau load balancer config

    Jeff Strauss

      Authentication Failed

      Please verify your Windows user name and password and try again .


      We have followed the instructions within the admin guide for configuring a load balancer to work with multiple gateways, but are receiving the below error within the Tableau httpd error log, so single signon is not working, if we try again, then we can enter our credentials, but prefer for single signon to work.  Does anybody have any ideas, we're stuck.

      [Mon Feb 23 15:52:05.654208 2015] [:error] [pid 896:tid 8948] (OS 87)The parameter is incorrect.  : [client] authentication failure for "/ntlm/auth": user unknown, reason: cannot generate context



      Here is what the access log shows: - - [23/Feb/2015:15:52:05 -0600] 80 "GET /ntlm/auth?destination=%2F HTTP/1.1" "" 401 3557 "-" 0 VOuhBQpuZCcAAAOAhD4AAACs



      is the IP of the load balancer

      is the IP of my machine (the user)