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    Arrows for multiple metrics based on percent differences

    michael shin

      Hello all.  If you refer to the attached TBWX file, my requirement is to show arrows (up shape for increase since prior period, O for no change since prior period, and finally a down shape for decrease since prior period).  I know conceptually that this would require a table based calculation to get percent difference for each of the metrics.  Per the dashboard, I would like to have the shapes/arrows be displayed along with the 3 metrics that you see at the top of the dashboard:

      - PV w/ Advertiser

      - PV w/ Editorials

      - PV w/o Rslts


      The dashboard is by WEEK.  Hence, I would like to capture percent differences between current week vs prior week. 


      How can I deploy dynamic shapes/arrows based on the metric changes? And how can I do this for 3 metrics?  I saw posts on this in pieces. I was having trouble doing this for multiple metrics.  If anybody has a sample TBWX file that they can share, that would be great!