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    Overlapping text when Crosstab to Excel




      When I am using the Crosstab to Excel function I get the following error: "The dataset contains multiple values for a single cell. Only the first value will be displayed. Please consult the help index entry on "overlapping text" for clarification".


      I am using multiple measures all combined in the Measure Values shelve. Then I have the following calculated field for every measure: if [Select a measure] = "Sales" then [Daily average units] else null endif. I am using this method because the measures have to be formatted differently and I found this method on this forum (percentage and normal values). However, when I export the crosstab to Excel only some values are filled.in the Excel table. If I select another measure, and then use the export, other fields are filled. See below for the example (only June is filled for the measure Sales).




      Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


      When I export as data (.mdb) then the table is just filled as shown in Tableau and no values are hidden.


      Anyone knows a solution for this?