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    Allowing Users to Self-Register on Tableau Server

    Vien Hua

      First and foremost, this is unsupported and will revert back to default upon upgrading or reinstalling. If stuff breaks, you're on your own so take a backup first!

      Following my previous posts, Customizing the Tableau Server Login Screen, I have seen some admins wanting to allow the users in their company to automatically add themselves to Tableau Server upon first login (as opposed to pre-adding an AD group). Below I have added a simple web form to the login screen to get the user's information to add to Tableau Server via REST API.


      The form will then call a PHP script I have running on a web server which takes the username that the user enters and adds it to Tableau Server via REST API and then sends the user back to this login page. Here's a few notes though:


      - Unless you have a core license, users may quickly take up your interactor licenses.

      - Instead of directly adding users, you can make the form send an email to yourself with the user's info to request access.

      - This works great with Active Directory authentication. However, with Local Authentication, the version 8 REST API does not include a way to set the user's password (this can be accomplished in version 9 though).

      - If you have AD auth and automatic logon enabled, this will be seemless for the user.


      Let me know if there are any questions! Admin away!