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    Graph detail and aggregate measures in one worksheet with Table Calc

    Stuart Dunlap



      I would like to create a chart in a worksheet that shows a time series for a measure for a detail attribute combined with a time series for the same measure, however aggregated across all attributes.  For example, in the 'Sample - Superstore (English) extract' I would like to create a graph that shows profit margin for a user selected category while also showing the aggregate profit margin for all categories.  I would like to do this using Tableau Table Calcs (or whatever other functionality in Tableau) versus having to manipulate the SQL at the data source.


      I suspect I've headed down the wrong path in applying a filter because I cannot find a way to retain the aggregate measure values once I've applied a filter.  The attached workbook steps through my approach to solve this.  In each worksheet I've added a title that describes my thinking along each step in the process - as well as the last dashboard in the workbook that has a picture of my desired end result.


      So... Can someone assist with creating this kind of view in a Tableau worksheet using Tableau functions?


      Any insight is appreciated!!