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    Tableau Blog Posts Series – Tips,Tricks,Best Practices

    Jenny Zhang

      It is hard to believe that it has been four months since I started my Tableau deployment project. It has a great journey so far and I feel I am learning something new about Tableau on a daily basis. Thanks for the great content available in Tableau community, Tableau Youtube Chanel and so many good Tableau blogs (eg, The information lab, Drawing with Numbers, VizWiz, VizCandy,Interworks), I am able to find answers to my questions and overcome different challenges.

      Now it is time to give back to the community. I have started a Tableau tips&trick&best practices series to share what I learn about Tableau with our community. I will cover one area in each blog and I hope you will find these blogs useful. I am also looking forward you to share your thoughts and your Tableau tips&tricks.

      Data Extract Tableau Tips,Tricks,Best Practices - Data Extract - Jenny (Xiao) Zhang

      Data Blending Tableau Tips,Tricks,Best Practices - Data Blending - Jenny (Xiao) Zhang

      Calculation Tableau Tips,Tricks,Best Practices - Calculation - Jenny (Xiao) Zhang

      Sort/Filter Tableau Tips,Tricks,Best Practices - Sort/Filter - Jenny (Xiao) Zhang

      Visualization Visualization - Tableau Tips,Tricks,Best Practices - Jenny (Xiao) Zhang

      Formatting Tableau Tips,Tricks,Best Practices - Formatting - Jenny (Xiao) Zhang

      Performance Performance - Tableau Tips,Tricks,Best Practices - Jenny (Xiao) Zhang

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