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    Filter not working in Tableau but working on published dashboard

    Shaun Paterson

      Hi folks,


      This is a bizarre situation.


      I'm trying to show network availability figures on a map. The filter I have defined is meant to limit the view on the dashboard by network availability percent.


      Image 1: Shows all sites with the full range of %availability

      Availability Map 1.png

      Image 2: When I slide the Availability slider, I see the dots/marks disappear from the screen.

      Availability Map 2.png

      Image 3: When I let go of the slider, all of the values, greater than the 84% value I've chosen, come back into the display.

      Availability Map 3.png


      I have found that if I keep clicking on the right slider shape, sometimes the filter works.


      Image 4: And if I publish the dashboard to Tableau Public, the filter always works as I expect.

      Availability Map 4.png

      I have tried to remove the filter and re-create it but it still has the same effect. There was, at some stage something strange with the work book where I had a couple of calculated fields, with names like Calc_12342459684 etc. But after I refreshed the data, these disappeared.


      I've attached the workbook.


      If anyone can point me to what is going wrong I'd much appreciate it.


      Thanks... Shaun