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    Calculating and applying weight for survey data


      Hi, community!


      I need your help!


      Here is my situation. It's very easy for you, I know )))


      1. I have a very simple survey dataset.

      2. The variable "answer" holds respondent's answers and variable *** holds their's "***".

      3. The distribution of participant's *** is 79% - females and 21% for males - for this survey

      4. The real distribution of males and females in population is 45% - females and 55% - for males

      5. I need to have a calculated field with weight, controlled by parameter: switch between "unweighted answers" and "answers, weighted by ***"

      6. I'm using simple "number of records percent of total" table calculation with horizontal bars as a visualization of "answers" distribution

      7. Parameter switch should affect on this visualization, changing percent distribution, according to current parameter selection.


      Please, help me to solve this task!

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