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    Capturing error messages for embedded Viz

    Gareth Cook

      I have created a custom website and embedded tableau dashboards in it via the API but when I get error messages on the dashboards they are quite confusing and technical. I am looking for a way to capture the error message and display a more user friendly message to the end user that can point them to the support team.


      The website has been created using .ASP and the tableau server is currently at 8.2. Hope someone can help...

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          Vien Hua

          Hi Gareth,


          At this time the ability to customize the Tableau Server error messages is not available. I know this is a frequently requested feature for Tableau and I believe our developers are working on it, or at least for more "user friendly" error messages. Since you are embedding it, maybe you can make a legend on the side of your embedded dashboard on your website with some frequent errors and what to do with them?