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    LOOKUP date month AND year

    Joe Oppelt

      In the attached example I do a LOOKUP in a filter to display whichever month(s) the user wants to see along the running sum.  Works great.


      Note that the way this is set up is summing all years for a given month.


      I can't figure out how to change this to allow a user to select a month AND year.  If I change the date pill for the graph to MY, it graphs the full date range like I want, but I can only seem to get the LOOKUP to concern itself with either the month component of the date OR the year component.  So if I chop out AUG through DEC, the graph cuts out the marks for AUG 2012 and AUG 2013.


      In the end I would like to see filter values for each MY (so in this example,  24 choices) so that the user can select with one filter.


      I could easily just add an extra filter to this example to select a year, and then select a month with the LOOKUP filter.  In my actual application the user will be selecting only one mark in a single-select filter to see the running sum as of that mark.  But I'd like to see if I can get this with only one filter.