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    All about extracts and scheduling them on server

    Naquiyah Cash

      Hi All


      I have a lot of question on extracts and scheduling that I am hoping someone can help with.


      This is what I am looking at doing.


      1) I currently can only refresh monthly, every sat or daily.

      • Creating an extract and publishing it to the server to schedule an incremental refresh every morning
      • Have the same above extract also do a last 7 days data full refresh everyday or every once a week


      2) I created a workbook with connection and published that to the server however the scheduled refresh is doing a full refresh and I would like it to just go get the latest data.


      • Connect live to MySQL and extract the data sources
      • Create your workbook
      • Extract as packaged workbook
      • Publish workbook to server
      • Whilst publishing click on schedule and authentication for it to refresh on a daily basis.
      • The extract that will refresh will refresh all data the tableau filters are on which can take a long time. I want this last step to be an increment or is that not how tableau works and will I have to publish the extracts and then create the workbook?



      3) Once I publish data to the server to refresh everyday. I download that data and create my workbook. If I now publish this workbook will the data in the workbook refresh automatically like it did before downloading it? also when you publish this workbook to the server does it have to be a packaged workbook or can it be .twb?



      I am trying to understand the best way to use the extracts to help create dashboards and automate them on the server.





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          Alexander Mou

          Seems you missed one step.


          After extraction and before publishing, go to data>your data source>extract data

          In the dialog box, select incremental refresh.


          Do this before publishing. At Publishing, you will need to schedule full fresh or incremental refresh.

          Select incremental fresh again.


          Two steps are required. Seems you did just one.

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            Naquiyah Cash

            The specified item was not found.


            I don't think I fully understand.


            1) What do you mean by after extraction? After connecting to my datasource I right clicked on the datasource and selected extract data. Are you saying I need to click on incremental refresh at this time and then also when I publish to the server? Not sure I understand why that may be the case. I.e if I refresh and then when I publish to server and click on the incremental refresh would it not carry out the incremental refresh?


            2) I had another q. I am working on a huge dashboard and was wondering if you could recommend if the below is the best way to approach this -


            • Create a connection to MySQL
            • Extract the full data using incremental extract on date
            • Publish the Extract with embedded password with an incremental daily refresh


            Now here is my q. which approach do you think i should use to create my workbook-


            1) In this approach will the extract do the incremental refresh on my desktop tableau whilst I create the workbook?


            • Use the same extract and continue creating the workbook.
            • Once workbook completed which could take days then publish workbook to server.


            2) Again in this below method will the extract automatically carry out the refresh?


            • After publishing extract to the server
            • Download the extract and work on it.
            • Again this may take a few days.
            • Publish this workbook to the server


            Also do I have to package the workbook before publishing to server or can I leave it as twb ?


            Thanks for your help