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    Space Usage - Not related to Current Objects

    Darin Coulter

      Hello -


      We've got started on a production environment, pilot program for Tableau Server for our enterprise.  We've published a handful of data sources from Extracts, folks are learning the publishing process, etc.


      From the best I can tell - using both the 'out of the box' space usage report from the Admin tab - and creating my own custom summary - we're using about 5GB worth of disk space for all of our objects on Tableau Server.


      However - my IT Server team keeps getting pages that there is less than 5GB of disk space available out of the 50 GB allocated on my prod server.  Even when the extracts refresh - they shouldn't be using up more than 20-25 GB, based on my understanding.


      I've shown them that all of 'my' objects aren't really using that much space - but that it must be something else within the data/application directories that is driving up the disk usage.


      Has anyone else run into this sort of thing?  Are there temp files/log files/etc that are jamming up the disk?  I appreciate the help.