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    External host. Configure failover externally

    Lalitha Pasumarthi

      I am doing failover POC of 2 node cluster with gateway on primary and worker, I used on of the machines from the same network.(ping worked, port on that machine is open). After configuring external host I started the server, but service shown stopped an task manager,  and in the log file located C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\logs\tabadmin I see "All external failover confirmation hosts are unreachable" and if I run tabadmin status -v, it reports that my primary and worker STOPPED.

      I tried to change external host  to google.com and Tabsvc started properly and failover worked. 

      Can anybody tell what is wrong and why the machine(not only one actually) from the same network can not work as an external host?? And please share your experience configuring failover externally.

      Thank you

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          Zach Yuzer

          Hello Lalitha,


          Did you specify the port of the machine that you set for an external failover host? If not it defaulted to port 80. Maybe you can post the logs?


          The host has to not only have the port open but actually be listening and issuing responses on that port. There should be no problem with it being a host in the local network, as long as it provides a response on the port that is programmed.


          I highly recommend adding at least one additional Tableau Server to the cluster acting as the Primary for a true High Availability setup. In fact - the minimum requirements were updated to state that a three node configuration is the minimum for HA. The additional machine will not count against a licensing check if no other processes are configured on it (it can have gateway).


          Hope this helps.

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            SYED REHMAN

            Hi Zach,

            if I install another machine, how will I keep it synched/cloned with primary server? doing a backup and restore between 2 server may take hours depending on data volume and geographical locations of both servers and it will still be not 100% synched? any idea on that?

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              Lalitha Pasumarthi

              Hi Syed, When you have distributed environment and 2 instances of data engine and/or repository on different machines, synchronization will happen automatically between them. It may take some time after you add worker and until sync is finished data engine and/or repository may be "down" on the maintenance page. So give it some time. Same will happen after you bring up the down service.