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    pie chart

    Angie Tarbet



      Any suggestions are appreciated even though pie charts are not popular!!


      My data fields are already in SUM format FYI by quarter.


      I'd like to have a pie chart that slices out the following three fields from the data field Hours Schd (Uses). This data field is a calculated field under measures which totals the three fields below):


      Net adjust Hrs Q1

      Schd Exam Hrs Q1

      Schd Visits Hrs Q1


      I got it started but am stuck with the actual slicing of the pie chart? I followed three different sets of instructions and am still having problems. I am hoping that it is just me and not a data problem. All fields are already SUM, for the most part in the working with thiese fields I use the ATTR to display correct number.


      Again, your input is appreciated. Angie


      sample attached.

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          Mark Lake



          In order to create a Pie Chart, you need to have a dimension value to make the slices.  Right now you only have 1 measure that is an addition of 3 measures.  Tableau sees only one row of data and cannot slice it.  Even if you were to do this in Excel, you would need to create 3 rows for Excel to do the pie correctly.


          Your situation is not uncommon.  Below is an article that describes how to prepare your data for use with Tableau.  I can tell from the column names you have that your data is in need to being reformatted.  It looks like you have a custom query that is driving this, so, you may be able to create one or more Tableau specific queries to get the data in a format that Tableau can more easily use.


          In the interim, you could make a bar chart (I know you wanted a pie, but this is something you can do with the data as it is).  I attached a sample.



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            Bill Lyons

            While I agree with Mark Lake that reshaping the data makes things much easier to do in Tableau, there are workarounds, using Measure Names/Measure Values. See attached.


            I think you are overcomplicating it by doing all the summation manually. Let Tableau do the work.



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              Angie Tarbet

              Awesome. Thanks for the workaround example. Angie

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                Angie Tarbet

                hanks Mark--the DB was created without Tableau in mind (if you can believe that). It has been a challenge creating many reports in Tableau, I will look more closely at re-shaping. Angie

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                  Mark Lake

                  Very cool Bill!  I learned something new today too, it's a good day