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    connect 2 points




      Lets assume i have the following data-structure




      is it possible to connect the values to the target? It would be very nice if I could click on one point in presentation mode and the target gets selected as well!


      Thank you

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          Tableau kumar

          Hi Marco,


          Did not understand  clearly your question.


          As per my bit understanding, You are trying to interconnect two reports that should work even the report om Presentation mode (On Key board F7), we can achieve it by using Actions in the Dashboard.



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            Thanks for your answer!


            I'm not really sure if this is what I'm looking for. Here more details: I have coordinates I'm displaying on a map. There are always 2 points which are interconnected. My aim is now, to get a nice representation of those points. If i would connect them using a line, the result would be illegible (because there are too much on confined space). It's not really neccessary to get a static "presentation", this is why i thought of a the presentation view and a function which allows to click on one point and select the related target as well (to see which one it is).

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              Tableau kumar

              As per my analysis, You have to use Action & Filters in the Dashboard.


              Go through the following links it will give you some details which will

              help you.


              Drill down from one view to another based on user selection




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