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    Issue displaying data on first page load

    Daniel Cespedes

      Good day everyone,


      I am having an issue publishing a Tableau report on Salesforce. While everything is working correctly, whenever someone logs in to see the report for the first time, the first view does not load data. In order for it to load, we need to "Revert All" with the button on the bottom of the Tableau page. This does not happen for the second tab and on going tabs.


      Has this happened to any of you? And would you happen to know of a solution?

      I am posting the APEX code I currently use to load the dashboard into a Salesforce page, below.

      I am also posting an image that shows how the dashboard looks before and after clicking on "Revert All".


      Thanks again for your help!


      <apex:page >

      <apex:canvasApp applicationName="Sparkler"





               'ts.name': '2_0ProgramsMajors-EnrollmentandHeadcount/2_0andGRADEnrollmentandHeadcountbyProgramDashboard',

               'ts.trustedTicket.username': '<user.email>',

               'ts.filter': 'Full Name=<user.firstName> <user.lastName>',

          }" />