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    Calculating max values over a date range

    Daniel Pastore



      I have 1 years worth of data... but I  am trying to build a 'simple table' which shows that does a couple of things...


      1. reflect data for the current date

      2. show me a measure (something like... MAX(Active User Cnts) ) over a 1 week period.


      The table will have the 2 following columns...

      Customer Name (all customers reporting activity as of today())

      Active user Count (the Max number of users for each customer over a 7 day period)


      My report filters for the current date.So, my initial thought is, that the current date filter will void out any calculation to show the max users over a 7 day period.


      Can anyone help shed some light on how to build that calculation (MAX(User Cnts) over 7 days??