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    Explanation of 'Set-Port-Size' command in http_request PostGres data

    Robert Royer

      There is a great discussion here (http://community.tableau.com/thread/152433http://) about calculating number of viz loads and duration. The discussion instructs to filter for action types sessions and bootstrap sessions and mentions ignoring the set-port-size and render-tooltip-server lines, and summing them per viz to compute total load time.


      We have recently had a performance issue and I am seeing that most of the time the set-port-size has a near zero duration (completed time minus created time). However, a few of the users have very frequent set-port-size records taking on average 30 seconds per record. Could anyone please explain 1) what is this telling me and 2) does the duration of this action actually correspond to resource (CPU) consumption?


      Thank you very much.

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          Robert Royer

          It appears that the set-port-size action is related to setting/adjusting the dashboard sizes. We traced the instance to the following scenario:

          -A dashboard was embedded in a .net web frame.

          -IE8 on Windows 7 was used to access the page

          -When the user docked the screen to one side of the screen, Tableau got stuck in a continuous re-sizing loop that consumed resources. This was exacerbated when multiple users performed the same task.

          -Maximizing the window resulting in the process to cease.


          Our solution was to resize the frame window, removing its scroll bar. This allowed the window to resize without sending the server into a tailspin.

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