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    How to Show No DATA AVAILABLE sheet in the Dashboard?

    madala krishna



      I have a Dashboard with 3 worksheets names like Sheet 1(Pie Chart), Sheet 2(Pie Chart), Sheet 3(Bar Graph).

      I have created a parameter for site code to filter 3 sheets data based on parameter selection.

      Site Codes Like

      Site 1

      Site 2

      Site 3

      Site 4


      If i select site 1 in parameter 3 graphs displayed data ( Site one having all graphs related data)

      If i select Site 2 (Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 only displayed graphs, because sheet 3 does't have data)

      if i select site 3 (Sheet 2 only displayed data)


      Here, i want to show NO DATA AVAILABLE OR Banner OR Smiley) message for Not displayed  graphs.