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    Performance issues - Out of memory errors

    David Berger

      I have 3 text files I'm trying to work with in Tableau

      1. A customer file... 4 million rows about 230 MB
      2. A call center file 1,000 rows, file size negligible
      3. A web activity File... 50,000 rows, but a relatively small file.


      Each file contains a customerID on every row.  I'm trying to look at call and web activity by different customer groups.  Problem is I run out of memory every time I try to do a join between file 1 and either of the others.


      I've tried extracts... loading the file to server, but can't seem to get any performance. I see other articles on forums about people breaking data into 4GB chunks...  why am I having so much trouble with files under 1GB?