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    Filter Out Duplicates.




      I am looking at a bunch of students on my data base which shows student number, name, gender, course etc etc.


      What i am trying to do is split my student by gender so i can see how many male and female students I have. However some students are on multiple courses so the final numbers i get when looking at gender is more than the actual number of students. How can I make it exclude duplicates on the student number so my final result only displays each student once. I'm trying to do this on a filter atm.


      Visual Example:    


      Student No          Gender          Course

      1                              M               Maths

      1                              M               Biology

      2                              M               Art

      3                              F               Physics

      4                              F               Business

      5                              F               Art

      5                              F               Maths

      5                              F               Biology



      ATM by Gender my results show


      Gender          Number

      M                    3

      F                     5


      Where i want it to show the following as there is only actually 5 students


      Gender          Number

      M                    2

      F                     3


      please help!


      Thank you.