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    Multiplied values when counting in joined table

    Christopher Beavan



      I am working with 2 joined excel worksheets (Tableau1 and Tableau-Crash), which are joined with dimensions "Protocol" = "Protocol Name". I want to calculate for each protocol how many times it shows up in the Tableau-Crash table. I have more dimensions and measures I want to use besides the count of protocol, but I took them out for proprietary purposes.


      When I create the calculated field "Count of Crash Orders" with COUNT([Protocol Name]) the values are incorrect (looks like they are being multiplied). I have tried the approaches in the Removing Duplicated Data after Joining Tables KB article, but I cant get it to work because the COUNT is an aggregated (AGG) so cant do an average. For reference, the correct count for BO25323 is 9.


      I have attached the exported workbook. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you to the community in advance!!