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    Ranking and Parameters

    Joseph Kalkoul

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having difficulties ranking my table calculation, I've tried using the index function although it doesn't allow me to categories them in  ascending order based on number of positive comments. The ranking looks like this:

      Table Calc.png


      My other problem is the parameter control 'select category' - Essentially I want to switch between table calculation of Positive, Negative and Neutral&Suggestion (outputting same results as above) - although with all the measure values it makes it a bit complex and I've completely run out of ideas on how to make it work.


      I'll attach a sample of file for anyone to with play around with, any help would be greatly appreciated

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          Rishabh Dhingra

          Hi Joseph,


          I have created a new calculated field 'Order Factor' which is based on the Select Category factor. So when you select positive it takes positive value, when you select Negative, it takes negative value and so on.


          I have then used this field in the table calculation for Index. The Index field in calculated using Code(copy 2) and it is given based on ascending order of Order Factor.


          Please find attached the workbook and let me know if it helps.




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            Joseph Kalkoul

            Hi Rishabh,


            You're attached file is exactly what I'm after, although when I collapse the 'Focus Area (copy 2)' pill all the table calculation do not work.


            Also just realized now - I also need the % of Positive, negative, Neu&Sugg comments, running total and % of running total for each Category type (positive, Negative & Neutral & suggestion) to be changed when selecting the parameter control.

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              Rishabh Dhingra

              Hi Joseph,


              This is the expected behavior as the table calculation is defined on the current table/view. The calculation is defined on measure Code (copy 2) and when this dimension (on which the calculation has been defined) is not available in the table, the calculation will not work.

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                Joseph Kalkoul

                Thanks Rishabh for the prompted response, would there be any possible solutions where It could show the Focus area calculation and code calculation if I drilled down?

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                  Rishabh Dhingra

                  If we are using the dimension for that table calculation, then it should be available in the table. Not sure if there is any solution to this.


                  Alternatively, you can try creating a parameter and select the dimension against which you want to compute the table calculation and then create a calculated field based on the parameter and use it in the table calculation.