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    Tableau data extract - add from file

    Yogini Deshmukh

      Hi All,

      I have created to extract files from same data source. First extract is for Month of Jan for year 2012. The second extract is for month of Feb for year 2012. I want to combine these two files. So I am trying to use extract - Append data from file option. But all the time I am getting result as o files copied successfully. I would like to get some help regarding how to do this -


      Below are the steps that I am following -

      1. First live connection with data source - I am using superstore database.

      2.Create extract by adding two filters one for year and one for month (Jan)

      3. Open another Tableau instance. Live connect with superstore. Then create extract by adding two filters, one for year and one for month (Feb)

      4. Then I close second instance. I come to first instance where I say Extract - append from file . Here I choose the location of Feb data file and say ok.

      5. After processing, it is giving me 0 records added successfully.


      Can anyone pls let me know how to achieve this.


      Thanks and regards,

      Yogini Deshmukh