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    Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #2

    Russell Spangler

      Cincinnati Tableau User Group Members!

      We have officially scheduled our 2nd meeting for Thursday, March 19th at Data Intensity (the same location as the previous meeting, formerly Clear Measures).  For this group meeting we will be hosting an Iron-Viz competition to help people showcase their abilities.  For those that are interested in competing you can register as a team or as sole contestants (I and the other admins will be sitting this competition out unless we do not receive a lot of interest, we however are available to help any of the teams prepare for the competition).  I will be posting details of the rules of the competition and a sample of the data set a few weeks prior to the event to help teams prepare for the competition.

      I will be posting details for the signup page and any additional information over the next few days. Please contact me at russellspangler <at> gmail.com to register as a competitor as we will need to cap the number of teams.

      Event Signup Page:

      Cincinnati Tableau User Group Event #2- Eventbrite

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          Scott Behler

          For those of us who have never seen an Iron-Viz competition, or are unsure what exactly happens during them, could you perhaps give us and overview how how it works?



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            Russell Spangler



            Prior to the competition multiple teams will need to form and register, those can be either individuals or groups.  I will release a random sample of the data about 2-4 weeks before March 19th. During that time the teams can practice on creating a viz within Tableau.


            For the competition, each team will need to bring a laptop (only one laptop can be used for each team, however people can swap who is creating the viz if multiple people are on a team) and we also hope to have projectors for each of the teams.  At the start of the competition each team will only be allowed to have a blank workbook and the data set loaded to their laptops.  Each team will then have 30 minutes to build a visualization to present to the judges (they can also use other programs, such as Excel, R, Websites, or SQL, however all code must be written in the 30 minutes).  Visualizations can be single dashboards, multiple tabs, story books, etc. and use any kind of charts, along with focus on any part of the data (maybe someone does a sales viz while another team focuses on employee performance). It is up to each team to come up with an idea of the “best viz” for the data. 


            We’ll try and provide commentary as the contest progresses during the 30 minutes.


            After the 30 minutes have ended, each team will have a few minutes to present/talk about what they built and why.  Then the judges will ask a few questions or make a few suggestions and write down their scores based on a few categories (example: Visualization Design, Creativeness, Overall (TBD, I’ll provide more details about points in each category and what judges will be looking for)).  We’ll total up the points given by the judges and announce the winners, and we might even do something to determine a crowd favorite.


            For those not in the competition, you can watch multiple people work on building a viz and hopefully gain some tips and tricks in the process.  As always after the event is over I encourage people to socialize and hopefully meet others in the area (especially if you enjoyed the viz that one team built).


            We’ll also try and post all the vizzes online to the user group page/Tableau public profiles and will help support the teams/individuals via social media.


            That is the general plan and I'm open to making some changes if needed.

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              Russell Spangler

              I'm attaching the data set, competition rules, and the official sign up sheet for team registration for the contest to this forum posting.


              We are going to use a data set on Dam data throughout the United States (I'm providing the full data set for teams to practice with).  If you have difficulties downloading the data set from this posting, you can download the excel sheet directly from Jeff's website at: http://www.dataplusscience.com/files/Dams.xlsx


              For those that have already expressed interest in participating in the competition, please fill out the registration document and send it to my email (russellspangler <at> gmail.com).


              Please contact me if you have any questions.

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                Russell Spangler

                We have an opening for at least one more team.  So if anyone would like to participate please contact me.

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                  Michael Carrico

                  Quick question on the competition guidelines - are we supposed to arrive at our own objectives and story based on the data or will there be a specific set of questions provided? 

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                    Russell Spangler

                    Arrive at your own objective/story.  Each team will be given a few minutes to present their viz, at that point you can discuss what your objective/story/focus is.

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                      Russell Spangler

                      Details about the data and description of the data points can be found here:



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