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    TDT: Raiders of the Lost Postgres - February 19, 2015

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      On February 19th at 8:00 AM PacificTableau Employee, Michael Chen presented "Raiders of the Lost Postgres: using Tableau on Tableau to gain new business insights"


      Ever wonder what's hidden deep down in your Tableau Server's postgres repository? (wait there' a postgres repository?) Could it be the meaning of life, the holy grail, or even the Magna Carta?


      Actually, it's none of these things; however, neatly organized in 100 tables, is information that can be leveraged not only to help monitor your server, but also to help you analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of your BI strategy and quantify the value of your solution.


      In this session, we will be exploring how to use Tableau Desktop to analyze the data stored in Tableau server, and create "Custom Admin Views" answering your most common server questions and the questions you never thought to ask.