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        Eric Liong

        Others feel free to comment on this point but I actually have never replaced the original .gz file and never have seen any draw backs from doing this.

        We of course retain all of our originals and edited versions just in case but I've personally never had to use them.


        That being said if you want to be thorough you can use 7zip which is a free utility, it has Gzip (GZ) as an option.

        Just make sure both are identical files or else you might run into issues there.

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          Toby Erkson


          Here's where to get the software:



          Here's a brief pictorial example of using it:


          You will save the .gz file in the same location as the file in which you're compressing (i.e. converting to a .gz file).  It's actually very easy and you'll be a pro at it immediately

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            Alexandru Veruzi

            Hey guys - very nice insights.


            Been trying to change the top help menu to add a new link there that would point to an internal Q&A portal for the users (see below the snap of the menu that i'm talking about).



            So, what I've been trying so far without any luck:


            1. changed the contents for this file on all 3 machines from the cluster (both HTML and GZ files):

            •      \Tableau\Tableau Server\<version-or-worker>\vizportalclient\public\en\helpMenu.html
            •      \Tableau\Tableau Server\<version-or-worker>\vizportalclient\public\en\helpMenu.html.gz


                 Modification consisted in changing the placeholder for Search Help to another string so that I can check if the modification will work first before attempting a more intrusive change


            2. restarted the server, cleared the browser's cache, opened another tab incognito - nothing worked, couldn't see the change


            3. read this: https://tableauandbehold.com/2015/12/11/disabling-browser-and-apache-caching-to-see-your-changes-to-tableau-server/ and tried to modify the apache cache expiry/retention from 1 year to 2 minutes on all nodes and restarted the server. That didn't work either (cleared the browser's cache and opened incognito to check).


            Any idea where I might be mistaking?


            Tableau Server version: 10.1.9.


            Here is the modified file helpMenu.html file (added TEST word to the placeholder):


            <span class="tb-help-menu-button"> <tb:popup-menu direction="dl"> <tb:popup-menu-text-button class="tb-light"><span class="tb-icon-help-menu"></span></tb:popup-menu-text-button> <tb:popup-menu-content> <div tb-mousedown-outside="reset()" class="tb-help-menu"> <form tb-escape="popupMenu.close(); reset();"> <span class="tb-help-search"> <div class="tb-search-box"> <tb:text-box tb-text-box-model="searchForm.searchText" tb-text-box-placeholder="'Search Help TEST'" tb-text-box-enter="searchHelp(); popupMenu.close();" tb-test-id="help-search"></tb:text-box> </div> <a class="tb-search-button"></a> </span> </form> <span tb-button-click="popupMenu.close(); reset();"><a ng-href="{{serverHelpUrl}}" target="_blank" tb-test-id="server-help-link" translate="{{helpLocKey}}" class="tb-popup-menu-item"></a><a ng-if="!isOfflineHelpEnabled" ng-href="{{supportUrl()}}" target="_blank" tb-test-id="support-link" class="tb-popup-menu-item">Support</a><a ng-if="showGettingStartedLink" tb-button-click="launchGettingStarted()" tb-test-id="user-menu-item-getting-started" class="tb-popup-menu-item">Welcome Screen</a><a tb-button-click="showAbout()" translate="aboutServer" translate-values="{ SERVER_NAME: serverName() }" tb-test-id="user-menu-item-about" class="tb-popup-menu-item"></a></span> </div> </tb:popup-menu-content> </tb:popup-menu> </span>




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