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    Custom Editing

    Ben Shirley

      Hi all,


      Ill start by saying i love Tableau, it is great for handling the data.




      It majorly lacks in presentation ability, most of the time i find myself using Tableau to get the data but then moving to a graphics package for to do some simple editing that i cant get done in Tableau.

      The whole idea behind Tableau is that you can use it to story tell your data, which you can if you like adding dated looking graphics to dated looking powerpoints. But i dont, i want my data to be easy to digest, to be visually engaging and current in terms of style.


      To continue meeting their sales point of "Visual Analytics for everyone" then they need to think about adding more customisation tools.


      off the top of my head these two would be nice, Allow images (not just maps) and allow transparent backgrounds then,

      what about "Themes" for the graphs. there is one Bar Chart style, what about 3D, rounded edges etc.

      I just think there could be so much more?

      What about a "z" axis for 3D graphs in a web environment? (this one i get is quite an ask)


      Anyway, what do the rest of you think about this?



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          Bill Lyons

          Tableau already allows images with transparent backgrounds in dashboards. See How to use transparency for images in 8.1? for tips on doing that.


          As for "3D, rounded edges, etc.," these things violate all the principles of good information graphic design philosophy of experts like Stephen Few, Edward Tufte, etc. Presentations that include that "chart junk" only distort an obfuscate the data. I would vote against any move in that direction.



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            Ben Shirley

            Thanks for the link, ill read through that,


            as to the extras, maybe i over cheesed it, but im thinking info-graphic style art, something that allows the level of design to stay fresh in current trends. Tableaus colours and shapes are a bit to boring ol` microsoft for me and look dated from the outset. Maybe this is because i cant work out a way of using the very convoluted formating tools or maybe its just not there. i dont know.


            i am thinking.. this: Information Is Beautiful