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    DFW TUG Meeting: March 3, 2015 from 5:00 - 6:30 pm

    PJ Hoke

      You will not want to miss our next DFW TUG meeting. Joshua Milligan, Zen Master and Sr. Tableau Consultant will be presenting the new features and benefits of Tableau 9.0. There will NOT be a Dallas Road Show, so please plan to join us so that you are ready for 9.0!





      This information will be on the Tableau website hopefully within the next week, but please reserve your seat now and/or request to be added to the master list by hitting reply and including your first, last name and company name. Forward to other Tableau users as well.




      Tableau 9.0 – Are you Ready?






      Joshua Milligan has been with Teknion Data Solutions since 2004 and currently serves as a team lead and senior consultant.  With a strong background in software development and custom .NET solutions, he brings a blend of analytical and creative thinking to BI solutions.  Joshua has solid experience with all aspects of the BI development cycle from data modeling, ETL, data visualization, enterprise deployment, and data storytelling.  He has worked with clients in numerous industries including financial, healthcare, marketing, government, and services.




      In 2014, Joshua was named Tableau Zen Master, the highest recognition of excellence from Tableau Software.  He is a Tableau accredited trainer, mentor, and leader in the online Tableau community where he loves to offer his help on the official Tableau forums. His work has been featured multiple times on Tableau Public’s Viz of the Day and Tableau’s website. He was a technical reviewer of the Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook and Tableau Public and blogs frequently at VizPainter.com.  He is the author of the soon-to-be published book, Learning Tableau.






      Joshua will cover new features in Tableau 9.0 including:


      • New Data Connection Options (Pivot, Split, Data Interpreter)

      • Level of Detail calculations

      • Regular Expressions

      • New Calculation Editor & Ad  Hoc Calculations

      • Drag and Drop Analytics

      • Fun and Useful Enhancements (color picker, thumbnail preview, map search, new selection options)

      • Tableau Server Updates

      • More!






      Tuesday, March 3






      5:00 – 6:30 PM






      Teknion Data Solutions


      1431 Greenway Drive


      Suite 440


      Irving, TX 75038






      PJ Hoke




      214 614 7604




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          Bob Beideck

          I would like to attend.  Please add me to the master list as well.


          Bob Beideck, Fidelity Investments

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            Count me in

            John N. Motlagh Flextronics International

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              fadzi Tawonezvi

              Fadzi Tawonezvi

              Confie Insurance Group Holdings

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                John Byers

                John Byers, Collin College Continuing Education

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                  James Nesbitt, Arlington ISD

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                    Manoj Ramachandra

                    Add me in..

                    Manoj Ramachandra, Trinity Industries,Inc

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                      Manoj Ramachandra

                      Unfortunately I missed this event. Am just wondering if users get reminder mail a day or two before the TUG meetings happen ?

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                        I can't answer your question about reminders, but I can highlight what we saw.


                        The presentation lasted one hour and highlighted some of the new features of Tableau 9.0.  Follow Josh's blog, Vizpainter.com, for more information.


                        Here are highlights of what we saw in one hour:


                        • New tooltip responsive hover

                        • User interface changes (new look)

                        • Thumbnail on worksheet hover

                        • Add storyboard icon at bottom (near add worksheet, add dashboard)

                        • Search feature on mapping

                        • Mapping not tied to data source

                        • Radial & Lasso map selection

                        • Interpretive excel formatting (intelligently finds headers throughout a spreadsheet to apply on imports)

                        • Split cities, states, countries and other delimited data on data chart using regular expressions & such. 

                        • Auto sense formulas

                        • Drag n drop calculated fields

                        • Level of detail calculations


                        Responsive Hover

                        Tableau 9 has improved the responsiveness of tooltips.  Hovering around a viz now gives almost immediate details from the tooltip definition.   Simply move around the data and receive immediate feedback of the data points.


                        Interprestive Excel formatting, Split Data, Regular Expressions

                        Most of us have used Excel files that contained horrible data.  In fact, Josh used a file with that exact name...and it was.  Addresses, cities, states, and other information all contained in single cells.  Headers all over the page in various areas that would not import cleaning into any normal program.  Imagine receiving a list of thousands of enrolled students where the phone numbers are embedded into notes.  No problem.  You can now ask Tableau to smart-find the headers, pivot areas of data, or use regular expressions to extract pieces of information from within text only cells.  Data in a column formatted as Burlington, NH 775015?  No sweat....import it into Tableau and you now have separated columns - city, state, and zip.


                        Level of Detail Calcuations: Fixed Dimensions, Include, Exclude

                        If you've become an advanced or expert user, this will be very useful.  Using calculated fields with formulas like {FIXED [Department] : AVG([Sales])}, you can calculate the average sales per Department, regardless of other dimensions in the view.  In other words...it holds onto what you are looking for, like a grade point average or risk index, while other information is displayed.


                        Thumbnail on Worksheets

                        Instead of guessing which worksheet you are dropping onto a dashboard, there are now thumbnail previews.



                        Calculated fields now use auto sense to help with formatting.  (Professional programmers hate typing code without auto-sense help.  Tableau now has it just like Visual Studio.)


                        Drag N Drop

                        Another wow feature.  Tableau now allows you to just start typing to create things like calculated fields.  Move things around in a formula by simply dragging from the shelf, directly onto the calculated field window.


                        Screen Select Color Picking

                        New color palette mixing allows you to do things like point and click anywhere on a screen to grab a color.



                        Plot a scatter of home sales by square foot and price...then simply drag a trend tool over it for Tableau to show you which way the data is headed.


                        Mapping Outside Data Source

                        Now you can pull up map areas that don't relate to your data.  Don't have Banff Canada in your data, but need a map...no problem.  Just like Googling mapping...simply type it and it can be mapped from anywhere in the world.


                        Radial and Lasso Selections

                        Previously you could highlight single items or select rectangular areas.  Now you can center a spot and drag out a radial circle to select.  I see this as more relevant for map selections.