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    hcahps xml integration

    George Soler

      Hello everyone,


      I am curious as to how others handle the HCAHPS data they receive from their vendor. In my situation I receive a weekly Press Ganey XML file which is uploaded to my SQL server. I have not done anything in Tableau yet as we recently just acquired the application.


      I am able to replicate the different domains using some stored procedure queries and provide unit level and physician level details (without the mode and patient mix adjustments) essentially just for internal reporting but it is really close to what is reported officially.


      Just looking to get an idea of how others are handling this information.


      Thank you very much!

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          Jonathan Drummey

          We use National Research (NRC) and their data download is much more like what SurveyMonkey and others provide with one record per response. (Technically up to two, they designate the records used for submission to CMS by duplicating those and setting an HCAHPS flag). I use the techniques outlined by Steve Wexler in his Visualizing Survey Data » Data Revelations posts in combination with some dimension tables (to convert the answer & question codes into the human readable answer & question text) to prepare the data, then for analysis the NRC results are duplicated either in SQL (for some static views) or using Tableau calculations (for more interactive analysis). NRC provides a bunch of built-in reports, where I go beyond them tends to be in various aggregations that haven't been set-up or using some dimensions in the data (like gender splits) that NRC hasn't built.