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    Unable to  show region or taluka wise data on the map

    shripad nadiger

      Hi Team,

      I am stuck on one of the issues where I want to show the sum for each region (taluka). Though I am getting the sum total , I am not able to get them individually. I tried all the steps that have been mentioned on http://community.tableausoftware.com/message/195233 but was unable to get through.

      I want to plot sum(# of opportunities) for two regions or taluka's..1) Hingana and 2) Katol. that are present in the state of Maharashtra in India.

      If I am summing them up, the total comes to 90 but it's showing only the sum total of Hingana on the map and ignoring Katol.

      Could you please help me to identify where I am going wrong.




      Shripad Nadiger