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    How to print pdf with morethen 200 rows without scroll bars?

    Sankarmagesh Rajan

      Hi Friends,


      I am working in ITSM project. My tabular report will update 15 rows per day. I created dashboard with bar chart and tabular report. I already used the Exactly option and added 4000 hight. When i have to choose more then 10 days in my report, then i ll get some horizondal scroll bars in my report. i am going to take print as pdf, if i am giving print to pdf in browser, it comes with viewed data and not remaining scrolled data. i also used the Entire view and fit height option it shows very bad.


      Please advice How to print pdf with more then 200 rows without scroll bars?


      Thanks in advance


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          Paul Banoub

          Hi Sankar


          This is a common problem for my users who are trying to print tables of data. I give you the same recommendation as I give them.


          Tableau is a graphical tool, designed for interactive exploration of data, not for printing of large tables. That's why the print / export functionality is light. While you can do it, it's far from the sweet spot of the tool.


          I encourage users to try and change their mindset, and look to help them redesign their visualisations to make a more graphical suite of views that answer their questions without the need to display or print large tables of
          data. If you want big tables then just use Excel.


          Best wishes



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