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    Using SQL to leverage data from tables in the DW and storing it in Tableau Server for an automatic refresh

    Naquiyah Cash

      Hi Tab Gs


      I have read articles and searched online but for the life of me do not understand how to the following. Is there a video recording out there of someone doing it?


      I read the link - Leveraging your table server to create large data extracts which is useful but still unsure how they got to stage two after writing the SQL and getting it into Tableau


      I have Tableau Server and Desktop license and a Server box. We have the data in our DW Hadoop.


      I am looking at creating a pre aggregated table from various tables in our DW. From here I want this table as an extract on the server where my dashboard is then created over. The extract will then refresh once a month and collect the data from the DW and once this is done I would like the dashboard to then refresh.


      I have no idea on how to make the connection from my DW to the extract on the server and also how to connect that extract to tableau desktop to create my report.


      Any videos or anything on this? Or am I just confusing myself unnecessarily?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated