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    Prevent Tableau from requesting a list of all Hive tables at ODBC connection start

    Kristopher Kane

      I'm using Tableau 8.3 to connect to Hive via Knox HTTPs/ODBC.  The problem is that at Tableau start-up I see requests in the HS2 logs for every table in every Database.  I'd like to prevent this and just have Tableau get to the working screen faster.


      What I see in the HiveServer2 logs are many get_tables part=* and get_database queries.


      Is there a way to prevent this? 



      I started using a custom TDC file to try different customizations to help with this.  Specifically, I've set:

      CAP_SUPPRESS_DISCOVERY_QUERIES=yes in the TDC file but that doesn't seem to apply to these metadata queries.  I know that my TDC file is in use because other properties are being applied.