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    Need urgent help with Map Reset

    Victoria Shaludko

      Hi All ! I am relatively new to Tableau and need some help with my current project. I built 2 filled maps for the entire world (by country) and published them. My problem is with map reset, meaning after I click on a country or elsewhere on a white space on the map in the worksheet - the map would reset to the original map - with all the countries filled with color. But when I do the same action on a publish version - I doesn't work, meaning - It doesn't reset my map. Why does it happen ? Why does it work in the worksheet but not on the server after publish ? I hope the problem is clear. I tried to search for similar problem in this forum but didn't find any helpful answers. Thank you  ! Vicky

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          Hey Victoria,


          I've been playing around this on my server and I've been unable to reproduce the issue. Would you be able to provide a bit more info:


          1. Version of Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop in use.

          2. Screenshots of behavior.

          3. A packaged workbook with sample data to reproduce the issue.





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            vikram bandarupalli

            Hi Vicky,


            As i understand, while you're on the worksheet, when you click on a filled region/country the view would zoom in and when you click outside on the white space, it would reset to original maps?


            You can achieve this by using "actions". I've attached a sample workbook. Let us know if this is what you're looking for.


            For the map to get reset to the original position, you have to click on the Home icon which appears on the map.

            The other alternative is use a action filter.