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    Tip of the Week:  Tags and how they help the community

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      Hello Community of amazing Tableau Users,


      I thought I should share this bit of helpful information after having a recent discussion with Toby Erkson who helps to keep our community free of spam each day (yes, he's responsible for finding and removing most all of the spam that comes to the forums so thank you Toby!!!).


      Tip of the week.


      On with the Tip then...   Those 'tags' that appear at the bottom of a post are very important.   If you do a "View Source" on a Community forum post where content has been tagged, you will see a line that starts "< meta name="keywords" content="some stuff here"  and then closes with a "/>"


      These keywords are utilized by search engines (internal and external) to help other users find the content in the post.  Marking 'answered' posts with tags is especially important since it is this content we would like to make sure users find when searching the forums before asking their own question.


      Tags, unlike categories, are very free form.  This is actually helpful for search engines since this enables for combinations of words and phrases that make sense to a specific post and follow up searches.


      A good example of this can be seen in a search I just did of "data blending url action"  which returns a answer Tracy provided a few years ago for a post that is new to the community here.


      So, please add tags to your posts





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          So, please add tags to your posts

          Before I get too hopeful:


          Is this limited to our own posts?

          Or can we also tag anyone's post?


          See more about the latter in  Personal Tagging.

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            Patrick Van Der Hyde



            Unfortunately, tagging is limited to authors and site admins.  That said, I will be trying to identify 'answered' posts without tags and fixing these. 



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              Shawn Wallwork

              Patrick, if you can figure out a way to give me (us) access to all (and only) our correct answers, I'll be happy to go through and add tags to the ones I feel would be helpful for search engines to discover. However knowing myself, I'm just not going to add tags to every post I make. But I will attempt to tag the better ones. Deal?





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                Patrick Van Der Hyde

                Shawn Wallwork,  thank you for your kind offer.  With this version of Jive, we don't appear to have a way for folks other than Admins to alter or add tags to content authored by other users so I'll set my sights on creating a report that shows the answered posts without tags and fixing them.  However, extending specific permissions to trusted users is a known item that we are investigating. 


                The intent of my post above is to remind authors (not answer makers) to please add tags.  Answers don't have tags - just the original post/question/document author can put these in. 

                I also wanted to make folks aware that adding those tags does play a big role in how search engines offer up results. 



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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Looks like that was a bit of muddled writing on my part. Sorry about that. I was only offering to tag my own answers (not so generous, eh? ). I was looking for a way to filter my content so only my answers that had been marked correct would be visible, making my job of tagging easier to do in one quick pass.


                  Tagging answers that haven't been marked correct (by the questioner or you, the admin) seems like a waste of time to me, as does tagging everything one posts. But that's just me.


                  Any chance of a Crow's Nest type viz that lists only correct answers, and has a User Name filter? I'd love that just so I could find all the other folks great stuff. Oh yeah, and please include a Tag filter!





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                    I agree that tags add value for searches, but don't see how they give immediate value back to our effort tagging our questions and more. Therefore I don't think there is any motivation to tag our own posts as long as tagging is as limited as it is in Jive today.

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                      Patrick Van Der Hyde



                      I'm not sure I am following the logic of the statement so excuse me if I get it wrong.  It may also help for me to fill in a bit of the behind the scenes process.


                      Each night at 3:00 AM, a set of XML files are created that contain information related to the contents of the community.  These files are called sitemaps and the overall one for our community is created at http://community.tableau.com/sitemap-index.jspa .  There are a number of sub-files created that are referenced in this file.  We submit to Google, Bing (and therefore Yahoo), this updated list of content to their index routines daily.  The last updated datetime for each piece of content appears within the sub-files making it easy for search engines to determine what to modify in their index. 


                      Based on this, a post that has been updated (even tag updated) recently will appear with a date and time stamp that will indicate to the search engine to re-index the page.  Upon re-indexing of the page, any tags added will appear as keywords associated with that content on the search engine.


                      The focus on 'answered question' posts is that these will be helpful to others searching for similar keywords, titles and/or  content.  I don't know all of the magic that search engine providers utilize however these keywords are listed as important to utilize for finding content.  As for specific keywords, my understanding is that they are better as free form selections by users/creators of content rather than locked down such as categories where the specificity required for selection limits the search results to a few specific buckets.


                      Hopefully, I made some sense there and it helps a bit to explain.  This whole search engine optimization project has been a effort of ours for awhile and updating tags and suggesting users utilize tags is an extension of this.



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                        My point was that the effort to tag is greater than the return of investment.


                        Issue 1:  There are few posts I want to be found on web searches

                        Issue 2:  Search statistics are not available (how often is what tag searched)

                        Issue 3:  Tagging takes time

                        Issue 4:  Tagging is stressful (what words to choose?)

                        Issue 5:  This stress takes away the joy of writing (breaks the flow)

                        Issue 6:  Tagged posts are not used in any promotion list on the forum


                        For a time I tagged workbooks when publishing to server.

                        For a time I tagged my posts in the forum.

                        But there came a time when I realized that I was wasting my time.


                        I would be motivated if tags also were

                        1. used to categorize various lists in the forum
                        2. available as pre-defined filters in forum lists and searches
                        3. available as pre-agreed communication stamps among helpers