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    Multiple Curves in Pareto Chart

    Brandi Beals

      Hello! I am very interested in using a Pareto chart to visualize some of my data. For the purposes of my question, I am going to use the Sample - Superstore dataset that comes with Tableau.


      To begin, I created a Pareto chart showing the number of customers that contribute to profit:



      But what I really want to do is compare multiple curves for Product Category, let's say. When I add Product Category to the color shelf, I get jagged curves. I believe this is due to the sorting of Customer Name. In the screenshot above, Customer Name is sorted by SUM(Profit) and it works great when there are no other dimensions. In the screenshot below, Customer Name is being sorted the same way, but it's not sorting Customer Name by SUM(Profit) for each Product Category. Customer Name is being sorted by SUM(Profit) across all Product Categories.

      pareto color.png

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          Sarah Nell

          So here's what I did, not sure if it's providing the correct result -


          1.  Went into the table calculations and edited them via the following:

              a.  % of Total - Compute Using, Advanced, make sure that you bring Department over into Detail.

              b.  Same with Sum of Profit, make sure that all the compute using have department included.


          2.  Switched the Chart Type to Bar, it seemed to work better.

              a.  Bring department to size at this point, otherwise you won't see the colors for department.


          There's some variance as far as where the line end falls.


          3.  You can also do a line but, you have to have department brought to size while it's still on the Bar mark, otherwise the size doesn't make itself available.


          I've included both.  You'd have to see if this works with your own data.

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            Brandi Beals

            Both the bar and line charts are essentially showing the same curve. To add more detail (I tried to keep my initial question as simple as possible), here is what the curve should look like for each of the departments individually:






            The three curves are fairly unique. Another way to view the results I am looking for is by creating a simple bar chart. Using a rank calculation I am able to get the customers sorted in the order I am looking for, but I am unable to translate that to the Pareto chart.




            The issue lies in the sorting. Customer Name on the level of detail is sorted by SUM(Profit), but it's sorting by total SUM(Profit) across all three departments, so customers are being sorted like so, opposed to the above image (with the correct sorting I'm looking for).




            Attached is the updated workbook.